Our company

All Effective Changes was founded in 2005 by four partners and has been privately funded. We are independent and free to follow our strategy. The partners have a long track record between them, both at Business - and IT side, where they achieved their goals.

We found and focus our business on two major key success factors: Effectiveness & Change. This combination will help you to become as efficient & effective as possible and thus enables you to achieve company goals.

Our focus

In 2015 we started to develop ProActive as a progress reporting and monitoring solution for Portfolios, Programs and Projects. We launched ProActive in 2016, believing that our focus on ProActive can help you to make the progress reporting process much more simple, transparent and very cost effective!

Launch of ProActive

All Effective Changes asked a graduate to conduct a final thesis study in 2016 to benchmark ProActive with currently available applications and tools. This study showed that there are no solutions available in the market for reporting and monitoring on progress of Portfolio’s, Programs and Projects like ProActive. The Unique Key Differentiators could be derived from this study to be used by All Effective Changes.

After running a successful Beta test with the Queens University of Belfast, where the students wanted to build a motorcycle to break the world speed record, we launched ProActive on the PMI® Global Conference in San Diego USA at the end of September 2016. In our booth we had a lot of visitors and many demos. In the beginning of 2017 we had our first pilot user in a University Medical Center in the Netherlands.