Your Successful Transformation starts with our Methodology!

Our story

We developed our Methodology with our 35+ years of experience in the back of our minds, knowing and understanding what works and what doesn’t work and on Lessons Learned from several large Transformations & (Change) Programs. Organizations believe that if they have a solid strategy, vision and a technology roadmap they will be successful with their transformation. Research has shown that more than 70% of transformations fail due to a lack of focus on changing the people and the organization. Our Methodology is focusing on transforming the people and the organization.

How did we develop our Methodology

The main findings we deducted are:

We discovered that we conducted most of the transformations & (change) programs in the same successful way and thus we could think about creating a standard way of doing them.

A lot of work was required every single time, starting our transformations from scratch. This work was the same for most of the transformations & (change) programs.

No solutions/applications/tools were available that could support our transformational efforts.

Due to these findings we started the development of:

Our Transformation Methodology, Services, Tools and Trainings.
ProActive®, our Boundary Lifting Management Application that brings structure, transparency, proactive management and dependency management
Standard Solutions to handle transformations & (change) programs.

The End-Result:

By using our Methodology, Solutions, Services and Tools the success rate of Transformations went up with more than 35%.
The success rate of Transformations went up with more than 50% when we also used ProActive®, our Boundary Lifting Management Application.
We were able to use our Methodology, Solutions, Services, Tools and ProActive® in Mature and Non-Mature organizations.