Our Company

All Effective Changes is independent and free to follow their own strategy. The partners and associates have a long track record regarding Transformations and running complex programs and projects at Business and IT.

The foundation of our business is focused on two major key success factors: Effectiveness & Change based on a practical proven method. These practical success factors will help you to become as efficient & effective as possible and thus enables you to achieve your company goals.

Our mission

Our mission is to help you to realize successful (Digital) Transformations, Continuous Improvement Programs or Complex (Change) Programs and Projects in most effective and efficient way. Our knowledge and experience from real life examples resulted in a book, services, tools and trainings which will support you as a company with successfully realizing your Programs and Projects.

We started in 2015 to develop our method with a practical guide, tools, services and trainings to apply our experience and knowledge to a standard and structured way of working to conduct (Digital) Transformations, Continuous Improvement Programs or Complex (Change) Programs or Projects. These developments resulted in:

  • Publishing a book ‘step by step Realizing a Successful Digital Transformation to Industry 4.0’ ISBN 978-94-91779-14-5 which provides you with a practical guide on how to realize Digital Transformations based on our long experience and track record.
  • The People Competence Model (PCM) which helps you to improve the quality of programs, projects in combination with the right program/project managers. PCM is based on:
    • the Goal and Method matrix
    • the Quinn culture model
    • the integral development model RDA (Big Five)
  • ProActive® our Boundary Lifting management solution developed when we looked back on our lessons learned and the way Portfolio’s, Programs and Projects are managed today. ProActive has been created with the idea that it should be able to lift all existing boundaries in order to transparently manage complex environments with external dependencies and cultural differences which helps you to improve the end-results of your Programs.
  • Services designed to support you and your company not only with a practical guide and tools but also with all that is needed to make you successful in (Digital) Transformations, Continuous Improvements or running complex (Change) Programs or Projects.
  • Trainings designed to create a Transformation Master curriculum that enables you to understand and conduct (Digital) Transformations, Continuous Improvements or Complex (Change) Programs or Projects.