ProActive; The Boundary Lifting Solution

The idea of ProActive developed when we looked back on our lessons learned and the way Portfolio’s, Programs and Projects are managed today. We found out that there are several boundaries such as departments, subcontractors, career, preventing Programs and Projects to be successful. These boundaries need to be lifted in order to create a full transparent environment which can be managed on real data and information. Looking into the market we realized that there are no boundary lifting solutions available in the market. Our Boundary Lifting solution ProActive has been created with the idea that it should be able to lift all existing boundaries in order to transparently manage complex environments with external dependencies and cultural differences and it should be independent of the kind of program or project you are running.

We had an Industry 4.0 mindset to connect all portfolios, programs and projects in a transparent and integral way so that it can be managed based on real data and information just like the Internet of Things (IoT) is doing with devices. ProActive is the only Boundary Lifting application currently existing that enables boundary free management of complex program/project environments.

We do believe ProActive is beneficial for any organization and industry that has more than 10 projects running at the same time.

ProActive enables you to manage your Portfolios, Programs and Projects by:

  • Taking action in the earliest stage possible
  • Maximizing the chance to finish in time and within budget
  • Being a reliable and trustworthy reporting environment
  • Access anytime, anywhere from any device
  • Minimizing reporting time used by your employees
  • Constant audits without any preparation
  • Full documentation history one click away
  • External parties progress
  • Different cultures progress

Basic Principles

Introducing new applications in any existing company is mostly a complex and time consuming task. Such an introduction will be far easier if the application has been developed with some basic principles in mind.

We used our knowledge and our hands-on experience to make an introduction of ProActive as smooth and easy as possible in your organization by following these basic principles:

  • No or very little connections to other existing systems.
  • No or little training needed to work with the application.
  • No or little overlap with other applications.
  • No conversion from other applications or tools.
  • No or hardly any risk.
  • Return on investment within 3 months.

Unique Key Differentiators of ProActive

ProActive has several unique key differentiators which have been derived from the study that was conducted. We created ProActive with these differentiators to give it its unique simplicity, transparency, connecting all Portfolios, Programs and Projects together and thus creating one single source of truth on progress reporting and monitoring.  The study showed that the following points are the Unique Differentiators of ProActive:

   Automated triggers on Dependencies, Milestones, Deliverables and Decisions
   Connected dependencies between other Programs and Projects within ProActive
   The possibility to manage external parties and other cultures on progress
   A true auditable environment that can be audited at any time
   A full reliable history of everything
   The ability to understand how to use ProActive in less than 30 minutes
   The possibility to store all kind of files like documents, scans, pictures, excels
   No connections to other applications so that there is no conversion or interface needed
   The possibility to retire a Program or Project
   24/7 dashboards

Your Business Case with ProActive

Our transparent Business Case Calculator will show you the minimal business case for you (and other scenarios). This Business Case Calculator shows the bare minimum (worst case scenario) business case. This means that we took the minimum of activities to run a program or project with the minimum amount of hours that are needed for each activity. We did not calculate the fact that there is less need for meetings, no need to talk to an auditor, programs and projects that will finish earlier and will create more business value. Would you like to have the transparent Business Case Calculator? Please press the request business case calculator button.

Simplified business case calculator

Below you can fill in the amount of portfolios, programs and projects to get an estimate on your potential savings while using ProActive.

Your Implementation of ProActive

All Effective Changes does believe in their own product and therefore we will use ProActive to implement ProActive in your organization.

We have two types of yearly licenses a Program license which is limited to one active Program at the time and a Corporate License which has no limits at all.

These licenses have in common that they are unlimited regarding:

  • Support
  • Maintenance
  • Updates
  • Upgrades
  • New versions
  • The amount of users
  • The amount of portfolio’s and projects

We recognize two types of implementations:

Implementation steps

Installation & Preparation

Workshop & Preparation



Fine tune



Be the Pro in Active reporting!

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