ProActive®; The Boundary Lifting Management Solution

ProActive® is smart tooling to truly oversee (remote) cross-silo multiple portfolios, programs and projects, manage dependencies and make fact based decisions.

It provides a full auditable and transparent 24x7 overview across all Portfolios, Programs and Projects enabling management to stay in control based on real time data, interrelation and information. This will increase the chances that Programs and Projects are finished on time and within budget with 50%.

The idea of ProActive® developed when we looked back on our lessons learned and the way Portfolios, Programs and Projects are managed today. We found out that there are several boundaries such as departments, subcontractors, career and filtering of relevant information preventing Programs and Projects to be successful. These boundaries need to be lifted in order to create a full transparent cross-silo environment which can be managed on real data and information. Looking into the market we realized that there are no management solutions available to manage the environment and that currently Word, PowerPoint and Excel are very often used by Management to stay in control. Our boundary lifting management solution ProActive® has been created with the idea that it should be able to lift all existing boundaries and to provide Management the necessary capabilities to transparently manage complex Portfolios, Programs and Projects cross-silo with external dependencies and cultural differences.

We had an Industry 4.0 mindset to connect all Portfolios, Programs and Projects in a transparent and integral way so that it can be managed based on real data and information just like the Internet of Things (IoT) is doing with devices. ProActive® is the only boundary lifting application currently existing that provides Management the possibility of boundary free cross-silo management of complex portfolio/program/project environments. However this requires a different Mindset of Management and Portfolio/Program/Project Managers. The Mindset of Management should be ‘No Details only Overview’ and the Mindset of the Program Manager and Project Manager should be ‘Transparent Management steering Information’

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People Asset Management (PAM)

PAM provides a ‘cold’ first match based on competence profiles without personal, privacy sensitive aspects and company labels.  Using PAM will save you at least 10% on external hires and 50% on time needed for matching the right resources.

We believe that people can be managed as an asset, based on objective grounds without taking personal circumstances into account. Keeping this in mind we developed People Asset Management to enable this way of thinking. This concept will prevent all kinds of discrimination and will deliver a fast and effective matching of people which is compliant with GDPR!

It will achieve the most optimal use of people and give very valuable statistic information about skills and knowledge needed now and in the future.

It only takes one good match to light the fire!

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People Competence Management (PCM)

PCM ensures the best match possible between a Program or Project and the Program Manager or Project Manager. With the right match the chance on a successful Program or Project to be ready on time and within budget will increase with 30%.

People Competence Management is a unique service. It has been developed with the idea that not every program or project manager has all the skills to successfully manage any kind of program or project.

Bernard Vuijk has done research together with Celeste P.M. Wilderom regarding the competencies for effective leadership.  Celeste P.M. Wilderom is a Ph.D.-holder in Psychology: State University of New York (USA, 1987) and full professor in ‘Change Management and Organizational Behavior’ (International Business Administration: University Twente, Enschede, the Netherlands).

Together with Peter Storm, Bernard wrote three articles regarding the following question: "Is every project manager equally suitable for any project or is there a need for different types of projects to have different types of project managers?”  For this series of articles the ‘Complementary Value model (CW model)’ has been developed which can be used during our assessments which makes us unique in the current market.

Dr.Peter Storm is researcher and adviser in the area of organizations and cooperation. He is also professor at the open university in the Netherlands. As a researcher on this subject he was looking into the factors that would contribute to the success or failure of projects, what leadership would add to it and how the learning capabilities of the teams would work.

People Competence Management Assessment Solution

PCM consists of three different types of assessments:

  • Program/Project Type Assessment.
    This assessment will assess the Program or Project and it will derive the skills and capabilities for a Program/Project Manager that are needed to have the best chance of success.
  • Program/Project Manager Competence Assessment.
    This assessment will assess the Program/Project Manager to understand the skills and capabilities of this person. After the assessment there is an understanding of what kind of Programs/Projects this person can manage. If the Program/Project Type assessment has taken place, it is possible to compare the skills of the Program/Project Manager with the skills needed for the Program/Project and thus select the best possible match for the job.
  • Program/Project Manager Development Assessment.
    This assessment will assess the potential of the Program/Project Manager to add other skills and capabilities to have an idea if that person can grow into another Program/Project Manager type.